Orchestra and Large Ensemble

Songs from the Deep (for chamber orchestra)

(Duration: 12 mins)

Instrumentation: – – timp, percussion (1 player), Strings [at minimum players]
(Two string quartets are pulled out from the tutti string sections and seated apart to create antiphonal effects).

Commissioned by the Oregon Mozart Players for the 2022 Sound Investment Commission, Songs from the Deep takes inspiration from whale song and ocean currents, an immersive experience juxtaposing noise and melody, stasis and motion, chaos with moments of sublime, ethereal beauty. Featuring antiphonal effects in the strings, aleatory and extended techniques, melodies drawing on Indian ornamentation, the work builds an immersive soundscape of water, movement, current and flow; of changing colors and shifting light; of wild voices emerging out of chaos.

Where Shadow Chases Light

(Duration: 15 mins)

Instrumentation: 2[2/picc.]-2-2-2/4-3-3-1/timp+3 perc/harp+piano/strings

Where Shadow Chases Light combines gestures from the composer’s Indian musical background with a form built around shifting bands of orchestral color. Using ragas, improvisatory melodies, elaborate ornamentation and rich, multi-layered textures, the work evokes vast, shifting landscapes of stark black and white.

In The Pocket

(Duration: 4 mins)

Instrumentation: 1-1-1-0/1-1-1-0/2 perc/piano/strings (minimum 3 per part)

A driving and exuberant concert opener playing with the duality of the phrase “In the Pocket” in jazz and in surfing.