Orchestra and Large Ensemble

Where Shadow Chases Light

(Duration: 15 mins)

Instrumentation: 2[2/picc.]-2-2-2/4-3-3-1/timp+3 perc/harp+piano/strings

Where Shadow Chases Light combines gestures from the composer’s Indian musical background with a form built around shifting bands of orchestral color. Using ragas, improvisatory melodies, elaborate ornamentation and rich, multi-layered textures, the work evokes vast, shifting landscapes of stark black and white.

In The Pocket

(Duration: 4 mins)

Instrumentation: 1-1-1-0/1-1-1-0/2 perc/piano/strings

A driving and exuberant concert opener playing with the duality of the phrase “In the Pocket” in jazz and in surfing.