To Call the Rain

Duration 9 mins – – timp, percussion (3 players), Harp, Strings (Ideally at least 3 double bass players should have instruments that extend the range down to low C)
(*However, if the string sections are small enough for one low bass with C extension to effectively balance as the lower part of a bass divisi, this may alternatively be done with a smaller string section.)

There is a tradition in Hindustani (North Indian) classical music of Malhar ragas, of music that – when played with intention and inspiration – holds the capacity to invoke rain. To Call the Rain imagines this ritual in orchestral sound. Solo strings play delicate melodies drawing upon one of the ragas, and the orchestra reacts in vivid colour, responding to the call. What begins as a melodic voice grows from gentle patter to downpour, as movement and flow, drops and ripples and lush textures fill the space.

Commissioned by the Virginia Symphony Orchestra; Eric Jacobsen, Music Director.

Due to orchestra rules, I am not able to publicly share a recording of this work yet. Please email me at to request listening access.

Perusal score on Issuu: