Workshops, Speaking Engagements, Interviews

An experienced public speaker and teacher who enjoys engaging communities into new music, empowering students of all ages into ownership of imagination and musical creativity, and sharing her passion for the intersections between art, education, social issues and problem-solving, Juhi facilitates events about these topics in-person and virtually.

Recent sessions have included:

  • Sessions on women’s voices/women’s stories/women’s music
  • Workshops for musicians of all ages (pre-K through conservatory students to retired community members) on creating new music through storytelling.
  • Why artistic education matters and the necessity for imagination in solving global problems (especially for those who intend to work in STEM/business/public policy)
  • Building performance skills – the overlap between artistic performance, sport, and performance in any field under pressure.
  • How we can use music as a unifying social force – practical solutions to bring people together to create hope and change

Workshop/Podcast/Speaking Engagement Inquiries: Please email