Solo Instrument

Solo Piano

Land of Waking Dreams

(Duration – 9 minutes)

Inspired by the night sky seen from the desert backcountry, Land of Waking Dreams borrows the shapes, gestures and colors of a murmuring nightscape. Pointillistic stars and murky clouds against a carpet of shifting blues. Whistling wind across open plateaus, silence and a deep resonance.


(Duration 10 mins; Movements may be performed individually, each with a length between 1 – 2 mins.)

Written by Juhi Bansal, Edited by Nic Gerpe

Eight short pieces for intermediate pianists. Each focuses on the development of specific piano techniques, with an index of techniques/teaching notes for each movement.

The pieces are inspired by the shapes and colors of National Parks, forests and monuments around the U.S.

Movements include: Mirror the Stars (Big Sur), Stone and Space (Yosemite), Fire and Brimstone (Yellowstone), Jagged (Rocky Mountains), Field of Fire (Kilauea), Revels in the Devil’s Garden (Arches), Brittle Bones (the Badlands), Deep as the Sky (Crater Lake).


Solo Cello

Of Song and Magic

(Duration – 5 minutes)

Of Song and Magic takes inspiration from a profound experience diving and hearing humpback whale song underwater.

Solo Harp

Trail of Stars

(Duration 6 minutes)

An impressionistic harp solo built around images of star trails.

Solo Guitar


(Duration – 4 minutes)

A percussive, rhythmic and thorny fantasy for guitar.