Chamber Music

Audio and/or scores from selected works. All files embedded below can also be accessed through Soundcloud.


An Imaginary Thing (for violin and piano)

Pasha Tseitlin, violin; Nicolas Gerpe, piano

I Deliria – II. Savage and Tender

III. One Brief Hour

Score excerpt (pdf): One Brief Hour


Wings  (performance excerpt from Trio for violin, cello and piano) 


Trio for violin, cello and piano

Pasha Tseitlin, violin; David Meyer, cello; Nicolas Gerpe, piano


The Lost Country of Sight (for soprano, cello, piano, and percussion); text by Neil Aitken

Program notes and texts: The Lost Country of Sight

Farah Kidwai, soprano; Stella Cho, cello; Nicolas Gerpe, piano; Lindsey Suta, percussion

I. Kite Flying

II. Halfway

III. Credo – IV. I Dream My Father on the Shore

Score excerpt (pdf): II Halfway


Darker than the Nightingale  (for string quartet)

Perusal Score: Darker than the Nightingale