Night Wears Black

A meditation to loss and to the night

(duration – 4:30 mins)

This piece exists in two versions, one for a trio of female voices, and a second for soprano with cello and pitched bells. Details on both are included below.

Version for female voice trio (SSA or two sopranos and mezzo.)

Night wears black to mourn the dead stars. (adapted from Rumi)

A meditation to the loss and to the night, this piece should sound ritualistic and prayer-like. Although the vocal style is influenced by Indian folk music, the atmosphere should be more reminiscent of traditional Buddhist chanting, voices and bells together evoking an atmosphere of stillness and sanctity.

Version for soprano or mezzo-soprano with cello and pitched bells

Julia Metzler, soprano and handbells; Leah Metzler, cello; Lisa Sylvester, handnells