Women’s Stories

I’m absolutely delighted to be starting work on a new project on women’s stories with Hindustani vocalist Ranjana Ghatak. We started with a one-off musical collaboration of music inspired by the Bangladesh Girls Surf Club, and found the more we talked, the more powerful, incredible, moving stories we found about women around us…Not the kinds of stories that will ever be in history books, but the kind that are personal, and that hold – because of this – tremendous power to resonate, engage and inspire.

Over the next months, we’ll be sharing stories of women we know who inspire us, and ask you to share stories of women who inspire you. We’ll share on social media, by name or anonymously as you choose, and knit together a tapestry of women’s stories and women’s history. And just like in our Waves of Change project inspired by the surfer girls of Bangladesh, we’ll make music to amplify and reflect on some of the stories.

We’re starting with two prompts – questions that we’re asking ourselves and asking you –
and we would love for you to send us your responses.

1) Can you share a story of a woman from your family that had an impact on you or inspired you in some ­­way?

2) Is there something that you learnt about your history outside of traditional education that shifted your perspective on your heritage?

Please send us your answers through Instagram or email…Tag us in your posts or leave comments on Instagram for (Juhi) and (Ranjana), or email if you prefer to juhibansalcomposer@gmail.com, before Dec 1 2022.

We’ll be posting updates, responses, our stories, the stories we collect and more through Instagram – please follow us at the links above to be part of the conversation.

My grandmother (top left), 1930s India

This is the piece that started the project – Waves of Change, inspired by the story of the Bangladesh Girls Surf Club:

Waves of Change – inspired by the Bangladesh Girls Surf Club