Enchantress of Numbers – Ada Lovelace Opera

An opera about the life and work of Ada Lovelace (1815 – 1852). In an era where women were rarely allowed to study science and mathematics, Ada was a troubled scientific prodigy and pioneer in computing. The daughter of a tempestuous marriage between the infamous poet Lord Byron and Anabella Milbanke, Ada’s story represents the conflicts between emotion and reason, desire and obligation, and a woman’s ambition to be more than society wanted her to be.   

Libretto by Neil Aitken.

Aria and duet excerpts live at Boston Court Fall 2019.
Alina Roitstein, soprano – Ada
David Castillo, baritone – Menabrea
Lisa Sylvester, piano and vocal coach
Ada Lovelace Opera

“He says, it should be enough.
He says, that I should be satisfied.
Three children, a home,
a man who loves the woman
he thinks I am inside.

And I dream of other things.
I long to sink myself again
deep in the wild math of stars,
To wonder how a bird flies,
and if with steam and fire,
I too might take to air.”

libretto by Neil Aitken

Currently in development