Flash, Shimmer, Glow Spark (Fanfare for orchestra)

Duration 4 mins – 4.2.3(3=B. Trb).1(Tuba optional). – timp, percussion (2 players), Harp, Strings

One of the most fascinating elements of biodiversity on our planet is convergent evolution – where various organisms independently evolve similar traits. Bioluminescence is my favorite example of this – glowworms, fireflies, bioluminescent algae, deep sea jellies and fish and worms and squid – all creating light in various ways and for various purposes, each bringing a different play of light into the dark. A fanfare and celebration of all these wild and stunning forms of luminescence, Flash, Shimmer, Glow, Spark juxtaposes different types of orchestral light – sounds that shimmer and simmer, that glint and glow, that flutter and wink and flicker barely at the edge of your vision.

Commissioned by Tonhalle Düsseldorf gGrnbH and the Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra

(This work is in performance exclusivity with the Tonhalle Düsseldorf until July 1, 2024, but is available for performance after.)


Flash, Shimmer, Glow, Spark premiere with Tonhalle Düsseldorf and maestro Adam Fischer

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