Writing, speaking and interviews

As a female composer brought up in India and Hong Kong with a love of wilderness, surfing and diving, issues of feminism, women in the arts, environmental awareness and cultural diversity are cornerstones of my work. Through hosting conversations, giving pre/post-concert talks, articles and interviews, I work for and speak about the following issues:

The importance of listening to women’s voices

I think we should be optimistic because of the many people within our field that have already been, quietly and steadily, championing at a grassroots level for greater inclusion over the last few decades. ...”

from 5 Questions in commemoration of the 19th Amendment tot he U.S. Constitution, giving women the right to vote.

Music as a unifying social force – a way to bring people together to create hope and change

Finding authentic expressions of cultural diversity

…through our work, we give a voice to things that don’t have a voice otherwise, and we can make issues, concepts and ideas visible…

..My hope is that there is a dialogue and a conversation that sparks from that which gets us thinking about what we can do to make things better.

The need for us to work to preserve wilderness

The critical need to provide education and opportunities for girls worldwide